Sermon Based Sunday School begins this Sunday 7/22

The Sermon Based Sunday School class begins this Sunday 7/22/12 at 9:30AM. We will be meeting in the last classroom before the Chapel (also know as the “Food Pantry”).  We will be studying the scripture and teaching from the sermons within the series Pastor Blaik is currently teaching on.  Right now Pastor Blaik is teaching the “Acts of the Apostles”.  We will begin a few weeks behind in the series so that we don’t catch up.  We will be using the question sheets from the weekly bulletin as our discussion guide. You may also find it helpful to re-listen to the sermons which are available online.  There will be extra questions sheets made available each week but you may want to hold on to the ones from your bulletin to help prepare for the Sunday school class.  This week we will begin with the sermon from 7/1/12 which is available here

I look forward to studying with you!
In Jesus,
Russ Wenner