Who We Are

Tabor United Methodist Church is a growing family of faith connecting with the community of the Perkiomen Valley with love and developing mature disciples of Jesus Christ.

We commit ourselves to the life-changing teachings  and example of Jesus every day and encourage one another through prayer and service.

Honoring God, Serving Others and Making Disciples Daily 

(Acts 1: 8; Matthew 28:19-20)

We Believe:

  • In one living God who is a trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • In God as creator of our incredible universe, our redeemer who delivers us by grace through faith from the power of sin and death to indescribable life through Christ’s death and resurrection. In faith we live and grow in God’s love, mercy, forgiveness, power, and eternal life.
  • Individually, as well as together as a church family, we are called to be selfless witnesses empowered by the Holy Spirit with spiritual gifts to reach others in our communities and serve through ministries of celebration in worship, providing compassionate spiritual, physical and emotional support, personal and corporate prayer, the study of the Holy Bible – God’s inspired and life-giving Word, and missions and evangelism.

Tabor United Methodist is part of the North East District of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church, and is a part of the Eastern Pennsylvania Renewal Fellowship.

Our Church Staff

Why is our church named Tabor?

Tabor Church, having an extensive history dating back to the circuit preaching days of the 1860s when churches met in homes, spiritual renewal was taking place and a meeting house was constructed in Woxall, Pennsylvania.  Since then, the local congregation has met with a heavy reliance of Bible study and outreach within the community to connect others with Christ through their hearts and in their lives.  Although not a large church, Tabor offers many ministries that cater to all age groups and is always looking for more ways to serve Christ and show who He is to the world.

(Read more about our church history here.)